Our Story

Our Story

A Home Away From Home

When our founders traveled, there were always places to stay, properties to rent, and attractions to see. However, there was still something missing. Something so vital that it could turn a 3-star experience into a 5-star experience with ease. What was this oh so crucial missing element? Consistency.

When renting "luxury" properties for vacations, business trips, or any other imaginable reason, each stay was different. One property had this, another one had that, but there was no consistency, which made planning for these trips just a bit more inconvenient.

You didn't know what to expect. Was there concierge access? Was the room fully equipped? Were the rooms clean? Pet-friendly? Did they offer a full set of amenities?

The questions could go on and on…

These questions lead to the creation of Vyvid Homes and the "Vyvid Experience."

We wanted to create luxury rental properties that felt like a home away from home.

To do so, we had to go granular and highlight all of the critical components of a perfect 5-star experience and then craft a process so that each of our properties could deliver on this experience over and over again.

The result was the "Vyvid Experience."

From the time you book to the time you check-out, every little detail has been thought of. We only select and host properties that meet or exceed our luxury standards. Then we renovated them with our celebrity designers, Kevin Wilson & the JM Lifestyle Group, to create a luxurious appeal that emits an aura of relaxation and inspiration.

Then we outfitted each property with the amenities you would need the most for an all-encompassing 5-star stay. Then to drive it home, we integrated the latest technologies to provide you with a virtual 24/7 concierge to ensure that your every need/concern is handled promptly. We created an experience that you can feel, see, and touch. An experience that will resonate with you long after you depart for your next destination.

This is the "Vyvid Experience".

We aim to provide you with the best properties in various locations close to the destinations you venture to the most.